Que harias con una pendeja asi eh?


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Que harias con una pendeja asi eh?


  • love machine dice:

    le destrozo todo el culito

  • el chairas dice:

    pues por lo pronto hacerme una chaqueta en lo que mi vieja regresa de vacaiones ja ja ja ja feliz año chaquetero ja ja ja ja ja

  • juan dice:

    ps destrosarle el orto

  • fresss dice:

    pues estuvo bueno el baile pero nesesitamos mas niñas fresas

  • madmax dice:

    Tenéis razón de que necesitamos más niñas fresas porque esta me encantó. Pero, ¿qué significa VALINOR, que es el tatú que tiene bajo su ombligo?

  • wolverine dice:

    Esta es Hollie Cakes tine mas videos como este

  • Afser dice:

    This guy is the culprit, he must be lyenchd.Spam is not just hitting ask the prof, its hitting this site like crazy. I turned the filter off a few weeks ago and within a day we’d had about 30 spammies. Got some interesting visitor stats of late. We’ve been slowly creeping up on the unique site visits over the months, but then in late Oct we quadrupled our visitor count from 1000 average visitors per month to over 4700. Strange thing is they are all hitting this lengendary TZ page. TommyZ had tagged the post with hot chicks’But the youtube link posted only has 50 views, so they aren’t hitting that page to watch the video. A deeper look into the stats shows that 70% of the traffic is coming mainly from Google searches, for words like teen, young, sexy teens, hot, bikini teens, gwar, 3 wise men, willy wonker and hazmat.So in summary, we have gone 4-fold in visitor numbers for November cause dudes are searching for porn in google. All normal activity it seems.How does this help your spam problem? It doesn’t, but ill look into a solution.rockit!